The origins of this estate go back to the sixties, when the Courtois family first encountered these historic parcels in the heights of Vinsobres.
Starting with just 15 hectares, Domaine Courtois has grown to 30 hectares tended with care and with the accent on quality.

In 2003 the Jaume family decided to acquire the estate, whilst conserving the name of its founder « Courtois » as a tribute to the history of this vineyard.


The Land

A beautiful and unique spot, Courtois is the very definition of a fascinating terroir with a multitude of different landscapes.
The vines stretch across the north-eastern terroir of Vinsobres, known as «Les Collines».

Geologically diverse and rugged, and carved into deep valleys, the majestic décor of this exceptional terroir is made up of marl, sandy and Pliocene rock.

vigne domaine courtois
vigne vinsobres domaine courtois

The Vines

Proudly facing the chain of the pre-alps, the majority of parcels are oriented southeast and receive a level of sunshine exposure that is extremely beneficial for an altitude terroir (300-500 metres).

The vineyard is mostly planted with Grenache and Syrah, which particularly flourishes here, and white varieties, Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier.